Internal Medicine

Eastern internal medicine is a sophisticated and natural approach to tonification – where you can experience the therapeutic benefits of nourishing and replenishing the blood, and ‘Qi’, the energy that runs through your body. If you are feeling run down or fatigued, focusing on the internal can assist in strengthening your body so it can heal more effectively.

What Is Internal Medicine?

With a unique and educated approach to internal medicine, Jennifer analyzes your diet, exercise and attitudes as they relate to your physical, emotional and mental state. She believes all aspects play important roles in well-being. The complexity of the relationship between your physical, emotional and mental state is often underemphasized in Western medicine. However, in Eastern medicine the relationship between mind and body is recognized as being an important factor in our ability to nourish and sustain ourselves. When they are out of balance, this may become the root cause of disease.

Jennifer typically treats adults and specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and management of disease and chronic conditions with her treatments, which is reflective of Western internal medicine treatment practices. She takes a truly holistic approach to improve your health and enable you to find freedom from debilitating conditions.

Internal Medicine includes the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Chronic and complex pain, (musculoskeletal pain, headaches, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, TMJ, post-operative recovery)
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Respiratory disorders (asthma, sinus problems, allergies)
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (food allergies, ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea)
  • Addictions (smoking, cravings, drugs, alcohol)
  • Mental and emotional issues (anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress)

Internal Medicine and Herbal Therapy

Jennifer delivers individualized combinations of herbal medicines based on exact pattern diagnosis. By creating a specialized plan for you, she can provide effective herbal prescriptions and aims for patients to have little or no side effects.

Internal Medicine and Acupuncture

Jennifer combines the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with contemporary medical thinking so she can deliver optimal results to her patients. Once she has assessed your goals, she will discuss your options for specialized treatment with you.

Western medical practices acknowledge the importance and benefits of acupuncture on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine and immune systems, and digestive system. The process of using ultrafine needles promotes your natural self-healing and can help resolve your chronic pain and health issues. Jennifer works with you to define the path of progress you want to pursue with attaining your best health. She prides herself on being a gentle needler and pays close attention to your needs and feelings throughout your treatment.

Top Acupuncture Specialist

Michelle | Verified Patient

“Jennifer is a connected and intuitive healer. Her receptivity and ability to access her vast knowledge allows her to assess my symptoms relative to each other and to my being as a whole. My Sessions with her have been more beneficial than many other therapies I have tried and I am eternally grateful that I found her.”

Charles W. | Verified Patient

Jennifer Ryan is getting me better fast!!!...Just finished session 7 with significant improvement with lower back and sciatica issues.

Walking upright again. And the pain reduction is significant.

Would highly recommend.

Fatima R. | Verified Patient

I love seeing Jennifer! She really cares and does an amazing job making me feel better every time I go in. I feel rejuvenated and she's also been helping me with my pesky migraines. It's a convenient location with parking too!

Sam H. | Verified Patient

Jennifer is amazing! When it comes to acupuncture you can't just go anywhere. Jennifer listens to your concerns and treats them appropriately. I swear by acupuncture because it has cured my back pain. She is a great person and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of treatment.

Ashlie J. | Verified Patient

Jennifer has been a major part of my health regime for years. I leave my visits with her feeling so much better every time. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and overall holistic treatments. Beyond providing traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, she's skilled in aroma and crystal therapy. She's helped me balance my hormones and treat my anxiety. I always know I'm in the right hands when I pay her a visit -- she's incredibly personable and easy on the touch.

Simona H. | Verified Patient

I have been going to Jenn for several months now, and can honestly say she has helped change my life. She is hands down incredible at what she does. I went in with things like anxiety, stress, stagnation, IBS, hair loss, etc. you name it I had it... Week by week we work together to slowly but surely work on these health issues, and I can absolutely say that her acupuncture techniques, cupping, and holistic advice for my life have made me a healthier/happier person! Even my friends and family have noticed my health turning around :)

Diana H. | Verified Patient

Jennifer Ryan is an expert practitioner who is well-versed within her craft.  Her professionalism far exceeds her ability to care and treat any issue or ailment with her eloquence and finesse.  She takes the time and patience to understand my way of well-being.  As a Registered Nurse, Jennifer Ryan will always be my beloved practitioner.  I look forward to what she continues to offer with her expertise.

J.F. | Verified Patient

I cannot say enough positive things about Jennifer and her healing work. A few years ago, after only two acupuncture treatments,  I could open my jaw pain free - this was astonishing after three months of physical therapy treatments which did not help the issue. I had tried other acupuncturists but never saw such tangible results.

Krysten J. | Verified Patient

went for the first time here- to Jen for acupuncture. I've never had it done before so I was really nervous but she is very comforting and so knowledgeable it made it all good! Really loved the experience and highly recommend if you've always wanted to try but never have- go to her!


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